Thursday, July 7, 2011

We have this room

We have this room in our house, in the basement, with no windows. Technically, we call it "the laundry room," but that just doesn't convey the value that we place on this room. My husband is afraid of messiness. That includes water in places other than a sink or tub, paint, and various forms of art craftiness performed by me or our four year old son who shares this space with us, with less than equal terms (in his favor). Did I mention that this room has a large, deep laundry sink?

This room has fluorescent orange paint on the wall near the not so newly acquired, hand me down metal cupboard that is just the right height for a young person to stand and paint for hours. I commandeered some space in this room after bedtime this evening. I even enlisted my husband to help me make a fantastic mess in this room. I am thrilled with the outcome of my first attempt at silk screen printing. It came out far nicer than I was expecting. I might have gone a little nuts. Now I need to learn a little about aesthetics and printing. Maybe I should even plan the prints on garments, but we'll see how these come out in the end. Luckily, they are still practice. Does anybody else take on these kinds of projects- where there is an uncertain end?

G's Bday 039

G's Bday 034

Back to the room. Does anybody else have a special room like this? A room that at first glance seems completely unfinished and utilitarian but turns out to be one of the most covetous spaces in the whole house?